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About Us

CJM'S Events Ltd has a wealth of experience in event management, not only through the 15 years the company has been operating, but through many volunteering hours for Girl Guides, Red Cross, PTA in schools, Mid/South Canterbury Life Education, Provincial and Super Rugby Administration and hours of advising in other Sports Administrators..

CJM'S Events supports local communities, supporting all marshals at events as fundraisers and donations through the company in excess of $50,000 in the last 12-months, to charities, schools, fire brigades and community groups.  Major recipients being the Heart Foundation of New Zealand and Ronald McDonald House South Island in New Zealand. Over the last 15-years the figure raised, "which has never been calculated" would be in excess $200,000 from the events to  communities and charities. 

CJM'S Events runs 26 actual events per annum and runs 3 Virtual Events platforms in New Zealand and Internationally, with over 100 virtual events run in the last 12 months.

CJM'S Events have run well over 160 actual event and strives to bring fantastic memories to all participants, whether it is a first time participant or elite athlete.  CJM'S Events brings a wealth of experience to any event they run. 

The experience CJM'S Events bring to every event is is from having competed in 100's of events from local club running, swimming and cycling events, to national track events "in their younger years" to Ironman New Zealand and numerous endurance events. Added with the experience of administrating in the professional sports arena and Executive Management of listed companies, you are getting a wealth of experience at any event.

If you are looking for an event to participate in and to gain a fantastic memory for life from, you can't go past any of CJM'S Events Ltd's events. 

Mobile: 027 226 7769

Email: john@cjmsevents.co.nz or carol@cjmsevents.co.nz