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Around Brunner

Around Brunner Cycle Ride - Saturday 7th May 2022

2019 saw Around Brunner have a major change, with the Start and Finish being at Moana Hotel Lake Brunner.  This was a huge success so the start will continue to be from there.

This changes the race significantly and eliminates the traffic issues in central Greymouth and the old Taramakau Rail Bridge is no longer, with a brand new bridge across the Taramakau, which you won't even notice as a bridge.  This makes this iconic event a brand new race.

Both the Around Brunner 130km and Enduro 260km will be held.

This fantastic event is in its 15th year.


2 events

  • Around Brunner 130km
  • Around Brunner Enduro 260km


For more information visit www.aroundbrunner.co.nz