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Bridge to Bridge North

Sunday 20th June 2021

Bridge to Bridge "North" is three mountain bike rides on the Northern Bank of the Waimakariri river.  The 60km ride starting at the Bridge to Waimakariri Golf Course on Thongcaster Road, 1km north of the Gorge and the 30km starting off Downs Road halfway down the river.  The 15km event will start at Harrs Road and travel east on the stop bank to State Highway One river bridges, through Waimakariri Park back on to the stop bank to Kaiapoi and finish on Raven Quay. This is ideal for children to get the experience of mountain bike racing.  We also recommend for young children to have a parent as a support rider.

The Finish is on Raven Quay Kaiapoi, this is 2km further along the stop bank which brings you into Kaiapoi, just before the Bridge.  

Two Mountain Bike Rides

  • 15km Mountain Bike Ride
  • 30km Mountain Bike Ride
  • 60km Mountain Bike Ride

For more information visit www.bridgetobridge.co.nz