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Bridge to Bridge

Sunday 5th December 2021

Mountain Bike Rides

    • 12km Recreational Mountain Bike Ride
    • 30km Mountain Bike Ride
    • 58km Mountain Bike Ride
    • 115km Mountain Bike Ride (Enduro)

    If you're a first time rider to an elite rider, then this is the bike ride for you.  It will test everyone.  If you want to go hard and fast or enjoy the scenery and power of the river, then this bike ride is for you.  You can race your mate or race your dad or mum, the bragging rights will be yours at the end.

    You will take in the magic and the power of the mighty Waimakariri River.  You will at times be riding right beside the river and then be on the stop bank viewing the river and dairy farm land, to the aerodrome as you ride past and toward the finish.

    Yes; the rides are all downhill and this makes it achievable for anyone young or old.  It will be a challenge whether you choose the 115km ride (The Enduro), 58km ride, the 30km or 12km recreational ride. The Enduro is up the North Side of the river and down the South Side to the Finish. A 115km race, this is half uphill, half downhill - just to balance you out.

    We can only thank Environment Canterbury for granting us the permit to be able to ride this amazing river and take in the scenery.

    For more information visit www.bridgetobridge.co.nz